Opulent Odyssey

Opulent Odyssey


Opulent Odyssey Jutti is more than just footwear; it’s a captivating crimson creation that exudes charm. Crafted with precision, these traditional Indian slip-on shoes showcase intricate embroidery and sequin work, adding a touch of opulence to any outfit. Ideal for special occasions, they effortlessly blend tradition with modern style.

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Opulent Odyssey Jutti seamlessly blends tradition and modern elegance in a mesmerizing crimson hue, creating a captivating fusion. Handcrafted with precision, each pair is a canvas of intricate artistry, showcasing detailed handwork, karigari, dabka work, and zari work. 

Boasting a leather sole and upper, these juttis ensure authenticity and durability. The pure leather composition promises comfort with a cushioned insole. The spellbinding pink hue serves as a backdrop for intricate details, including sequin work, adding a touch of opulence ideal for special occasions and festive wear.


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Care for your Juttis

We use high grade leather for our juttis and they are extremely soft, but if your feet are feeling extra sensitive, line the inside of your juttis with mustard oil and leave, to soften the leather.

Store your shoes in the dust bag provided.
If your shoe are exposed to moisture,
please dry them out for a few hours before putting them back in.

Use a dry cloth to clean and
if needed get them dry cleaned only

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